Friday, December 19, 2008

Bangladesh Election &Bankrupt Elite Class

"To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them? To die: to sleep

What can I say more than that? Far from my mother land I try to type some words on my note book. Recently I was monitoring some talk shows on the forth coming election in Bangladesh on a few Bangladeshi channels and noted some anomalies. The roll of media in Bangladesh seems a bit funny to me.

One of them is Channel I which airs a popular Talk Show called Tritio Matra. The host Zillur Rahman is a renowned Dhaka elite. Bangladeshi elites (Shusheel Samaj) are the 8th wonders of the world. Now who are these elites?

During the liberation war (1971) there were some notable intellectuals in Bangladesh, who augmented the cause of Bangladesh and some of them were able to escaped the wrath of the Pakistani and collaborator forces. They had representations in every part of the society and were very much near and dear to the people. Some of them explicitly dedicated their life for country. Their successors and the contemporary intellectuals had a dream for a secular and progressive Bangladesh. I can mention few names such as Kabir Chowdhury, Hassan Imam, Dr Nilima Ibrahim, Samsur Rahman, Begam Sufiya Kamal, Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury and the list goes on. They fought for their Principle and rights without any compromise all through their lives. But they were countered by the reactionary forces and very often they were labeled as “Awami Intellects”.

In course of time a few of them already reached the end of their lives and the nation lost some valuable assets. Some of them like Humayun Azad was the target of fanatics because they had progressive thoughts. I am sorry to say we have not got eligible successors of them, probably they retracted out of fear. Instead, we got some compromising, power monger, rootless and people of double standard, who are now known as the elite class of Bangladesh. You will see their re presentation in almost every forum now.

A chunk of editors, retired army officers, barristers, business men, some rootless politicians, media celebrities have formed a big syndicate. Over the top they are getting support of a portion of Non resident Bangladeshi who have the fatal attraction for a non elected regime and backing of some ambassadors of some influential countries.

Coming Back to Zillur Rahman’s popular Talk show, suddenly I have found some funny kind of characters are appearing at his program. One so called businessman from Qatar, who tried to get nomination from one political party but failed, simply was slumming politicians indiscriminately and have made funny comments about the father of the nation on a free style manner. Zillur was also
fueling on the fire.

Our elites are very often teaching us lesson of democracy. Some times they forget that “the people of the country know their need more than the elites”.

In the last few days there were much brouhaha about Arafat Rahman's scandal in a Singapore Bank, which was exposed by the Anti Corruption Commission in Bangladesh. This news is making big head lines in the newspapers.

My question to the Anti Corruption Authority is, “why they chose this particular time before the election for this investigation? Were they sleeping the last two years?”

The Bangladesh media is a champion to show their allegiance to the party in power. They can also predict which party can come to power and try to show their faithfulness by going some extra miles. Some Journalists have already started to cash on Arafat issue to be near to Awami League even by resorting to some false reporting.

Over the top the High Court is giving verdict against the Election commission (EC) to include detained leaders in the polls. Now the election commissioner was seen showing emotional reactions to the media on these decisions of high court. In fact he had found ways to voice his frustrations without showing contempt to court.

But our so called Elites are silent on these issues. I don’t know if I ever will see a sane political process in Bangladesh but for now most of the so called Bangladesh elites seem to have a moral bankruptcy.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was 1987 world cup. India and Pakistan hosted Reliance cup. West Indies was the one and only super power of world cricket. But there was tough competitions among all
Those test playing nations. But Australia was facing lean period before 87 world cup.
Two Men Bobby Simpson and Allan Border took the responsibility to groom up
The team. Basically After retirement of some very big names Australia did have a big problem. But Border –Simpson duo along with Cricket Australia able to build up
Infrastructure. 87 world cup was turning point. They started with Boon, Marsh, Dean Jones, Steve and Mark Waugh, Craig Mcdermott, Bruce Reid and on continuation we have got so many greats like Adam Gilchrist , Ricky Ponting, Mark Tailor, Shane Warne, Glenn Mcgrath list is unlimited.

But Still I will never say this Australian team is better than West Indies of 80s. They have taken cricket to a great heights. On the course of time Cricket has entered to the
Corporate world. Excessive commercialization of the game has effected the team badly.
Every time this game has to go under the table of Surgeon which is called ICC.
Basically Bowlers won matches. But they are scrutinized maximum time directly or indirectly. In Test matches ICC put limitations on bouncers. All wkts are batting friendly in any part of the world. Even surprisingly Sabina park one of the fastest wkts of world cricket hardly have any Grass. Durban, Waca ground , Oval are also changing
Their characters. In last decade Australian Attack was lead by Shane Warne and Glenn Mcgrath who was not as express bowler as his long term partner Jason Gillespie and Brett lee. Basically over all standard of Cricket is downwards with out any doubt.

Australia was enjoying the service of their golden generation. But right now the phase of transformation is coming up. To be vey Honest I don’t see better successors of Ricky Ponting , Adam Gilchrist , Mathew Haden, Shane Warne or Glen Mcgrath in current Aussies Squad. Those gentlemen were successfully raised the bottom even in better way
Than their Seniors.

Basically South Africa, India, England and Srilanka have every possibility to lead in next decade of world cricket.

Cricket is the game of great uncertainty. May be I am wrong but Still now I am not hearing any sound of the step of any Dale Steyn, Ishanth Sharma, Ajantha Mendis or Kevin Peterson , MS Dhoni in Australian Cricket who are the generation next cricketer.
We don’t hear Callipso music any more . May be Baggy green has complete its one great journey. May be New generation of Cricket started its Journey to infinitive with Some
One like Ajantha Mendis .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Farewell to Brilliant Student of World Cricket

It was the Year of 1990.. This was the year of My Matriculation. During these Days
Vinod Kambli was a very promising name in first class level. There was a tournament
In Sharjah Called Australasia Cup. Indian Team was on leader ship of Md Azhar Uddin. One name did come to my notice. It was Anil Kumble. I remember Daily
Songbad was the most popular news paper in Bangladesh. They have also made the
Mistake by mixing up the sir name of Kambli. But after end of the carrier where
Is kambli today? But the unsung hero of Indian cricket Anil Kumble has decided
To hang up the boot. He has truly established himself as the Legend.
One era of the world cricket is finished after retirement of Anil.

I am great fan of fab four. But if I am true fan of Indian Cricketer, It is Anil Kumble. From

The very early stage of his carrier his critics accused him not to spin the ball that much

But None can deny besides his legendary counter part contemporary cricketer Shane Warne he has not only brought back the art of leg spin in world cricket but also established spin bowling in the highest honor.

If Early 80s was the era of Fearsome pace bowling 90s was completely dedicated

Spin bowling . World Cricket has got some great spin artists in both form of Finger and
Wrist Spin. Highest wicket Takers Muthiah Muralidharan, saqlain Mushtaq, Harbhajan Sing , Stuart Mc Gil. All have made their marks in world cricket. But keeping Ajhanta
Mendis in mind, there will be great vacuum in world cricket.

I have lots of beautiful memories with Anil Kumble as a viewers. His 6/12 In Hero Cup, His all 10 Wkts.

Basically from my Child hood I have heard about Jim Laker’s 10/53. But It was
My best of luck that I was the big witness of Kumble’s 10 of Kotla.

Being a Mechanical engineer he is a very well mannered and humble person . As a Captain he has done the great Job. His act as a leader in Sydney after this controversial
Match was fantastic. I think Perth win was the greatest of all time Indian Victory.

In last some days Indian Media Could not show proper respect to Kumbley.

But Great Warrior like Kumble knows how to stop. May be he will go and open a new innings for the Cricket.

Now a days over all charm of the Cricket is downward. Lots of unwanted people Like Lalit Modi and all are continuously spoiling the cricket environment via 20-20 hype.

Way things are going on I am really scared we are going to loose the brightest students

Of Cricket.

Kumble was one of the last representatives of those brightest students of world cricket
In this Corporate aggression.

But Kumble will be missed off and on by the true cricket lovers.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fabulous Four, the Eternal Virtual Artists of the World Cricket

Current India –Australia test series creates huge interest on world of Cricket. To Me
I am always waiting for the best cricket. Basically I personally have lots of debt to
The Great Artists of world football and Cricket.

Indian Cricket has reached in great height after 2000 . It was Just possible for the
Four eternal artists of Indian Cricket. Yes They have already got the Tag of fabulous
Four. They are none other than Sachin Tendulkar, Rahhul Dravid , Sourav Ganguly
And VVS Laxman.

This is the era of the open market. Every thing is a product in here. Basically 20-20
Cricket is a new format for the entertainment of the cricket. Those of us who were following the cricket even after birth have some compatibility issue with such form of game.

Basically Major problem of any game is," if you want to change the full structure of the game for the corporate interest , You need to do lots of sacrifice with the quality of this

game". In such kind of game Bowlers are effected very badly. Batsman can’t stick to their

basic and technique. In fact Major problem is that 20-20 type of tournament never gave

a cricketer to groom up properly. But way things are going on I don’t have idea where

these things will be end. Media is so much powerful medium that they can make any average product to super class Via endorsement.

Current Indian Cricket is the biggest example of this. Basically Lalit Modi has already
Got the touch stone on the form of IPL. They have already declared it as the model
Of English Premier league. But Fact is that English Premier league or Serie A never
Become competitor of the National team and Class Players. Club football has lots
Of contribution for the development of the game of soccer. But major problem is that Cricket
is not a global game. It is almost impossible to make it globalized as football.

It is great that such a regional game has taken significant position in Word sports.

This Game has great Classic materials and If we compromise with this classic materials,
The game will loose its originality.
You can’t replace basic of any thing Via hype . It is not called reformed. Six a side cricket

Was implemented but it did not get success. Major problem is that in such kind of
System we are going to sacrifice the class players of the world cricket.

First test of India –Australia is the biggest example of it. After IPl I have watched a number of Novice and Cricket Illiterate people are going to take part in sports media.
One of the biggest example is Manish Vallicha of Neo Sports. His back ground is that
He was a Radio Jockey. But This Guy suddenly starts to take part in Cricket Hosting
Seriously. So Basic difference is coming up while Harsha Bhogley, Charu Sharma and
Even RK of Neo sports are conducting any cricket discussion.

Now a days Media needs people like Manish Vallicha or Mandira Bedi to promote the
game to another audience who have very much less interest about cricket. But over all
standard is getting not only down big time but also effecting the cricketers again.

Basically After winning of 20-20 world Cup India did have a very big Hype about
Indian current Captain MS Dhoni. I have great respect for Dhoni as a bold cricketer
And performer. But he is not at all fit as the status of Fab 4 and all.
Here is the problem. After success of 20-20 Lots of New Channels are coming with out

Proper experience.
In that Case they will promote more about the heir style of Dhoni and present him as the
Bigger even than Brad Man.

Basically , this Bangalore test is eye opener for all Boards, Cricket lovers and Cricketers.
Way Great Anil Kumbley and Fab 4 were going through pressure was unthinkable,

But end of their Cricketing Carriers way Tendulkar and Laxman Batted in a low bouncy and super slow wkt will be the big lesson for the promising Cricketers.

I am proud to say that I am almost the same age of the great Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly. I think In last one decade we have seen the Monopolistic aggression of Aussies in world cricket. But these were the display of power play.

But these Four Eternal Visual Artists will be immortal in world cricket for their Class with aggression. May be They were the Last saviors of the test Cricket.

World Cricket will be great full to India to present such artists in world Cricket. But
Same BCCI will be the Court of the True Cricket lovers to destroy the spirit of the game.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Last Action Hero

Sourav Ganguly has given an interview to the Kokata Daily Anandabazar & Aaj kaal after his retirement. It is clearly indicating that in our subcontinent how badly a sportsman
Is treated at end of his carrier. Basically what I have told my on my previous notes

That our sub continent makes any one hero for the success and even does not take single

time to ditch any one. This is because of the lack of sports culture.
Sourav Ganguly is undoubtedly most successful captain of India

and one of the best batsmen of cricket history. Here is the translation of some important

part of his interview-

Q: Why do you suddenly give this declaration?

Ans: I have taken the decision earlier. Just wanted to escape burden on the eve of the series.

Q: Is it not difficult for you to be out of Cricket while you are the guy who can do shadow
At 2 Am?

Ans: I am also surprised that I have made this declaration. But trust me I am not feeling that bad

Q: Since when have you been thinking for retirement?

Ans: Actually while I was out from Irani Trophy, I had made my mind almost. It was a night mare . I could not sleep at night. It was very tough for me to stay at home and decided not to give up. I did not expect to get call for Australia series
but I was hopeful because of new Selection committee . So As I have got the chance,
simply don’t want to give chance any one.

Q: who are they?

Ans: I don’t want to tell any one’s name. But tell me one thing, “why should I be in trial in every time? “You media people told After come back I was the most successful . then why should I be thrown just for one bad series? How long I will fight? If we make
Too much pump on a bladder, it will be burst automatically .

Q: There is the speculation for the VRS of the seniors. Are you the starting point?

Ans: I don’t know who has spread this. Is it possible to tell some one after particular day you won’t play. Should you tell sachin, Rahul and Laxman?All of them are performing
for 12 years. when they will feel for the call off , they leave themselves.About myself I have understood I will be always on Gun point and I will be scrutinized for
any reason. You can’t play like that. So It is better to quit . Cricket may not
Be in life but life will be there.

Q: Gavaskar told , “ You and Laxman are always on Gun point.”

Ans: Every thing is possible in Indian Cricket . while Greg ( chapel) made me out of team, they took T P Sing instead of me. But where is he now?
Some one has not made run in last three series. One cricketer has not got run even in one year. Some one has changed his hair style more than score. That’s why I asked Chika
(Srikanth) to let me play in peace and he has agreed.

Q: what is your greatest achievement in your whole cricketing life?

Ans: 99% people will tell about the success of my captaincy. But I want to tell about our team. Sachin, Rahul, Laxman, Kumbley and me have changed the face of Indian cricket
Together. When India had traveled to the overseas , every body was sure about our defeat. But Scenario is changed after 2000. You can’t alone make a team . It is the
Result of united effort.
So my team was the actual captain. So before my departure I wan to tell my team mates
“ Thank you Mates.”

This is how a sportsman is treated in this subcontinent. Honestly speaking I was watching Indian cricket for the Fab four. I can pay any amount to see the batting
Of VVS Laxman.

It is sad that a bunch of criminals are seating in BCCI . Board president Shashank Manohar is accused for multiple reason in here

“To know Shashank Manohar better, one has to go back to 26th November 1995. It was an ODI played between India and New Zealand when the VCA stadium wall collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring over 70. And who were responsible? Shashank Manohar himself, along with his father V.R. Manohar, the bosses of the VCA stadium - allegely these guys had contracted a close relative of theirs for the construction of the wall. It isn't a surprise that a man responsible for cricket's biggest onfield tragedy is the vice-president of the board.”

Current Secretary N Srinivasan is another controversial character “ Being a Secretary
Of the board this guy still owning IPL Franchise Chennai Super king which is one of the biggest conflict of interest. Funniest thing they are accusing Mr Dalmiya for the corruption but this guy was the treasurer.

I don’t want to sepak about lalit Modi any more. He can do or undo any thing for IPL and money.

Even Senior person Like IS Bindra also told “ Betting should be legalized In Cricket.”
I don’t know if Indian Govt will declare any VRS for those joker officials or not

Basically 20-20 has already started to bleed the cricket badly.

To day Bangladesh Media is going after our 14 cricketers for joining ICL. BCCB blindly
Banned them for 10 years. I have seen support of some suhil friends of mine.

They are not stopped even to spread venom about the personal life of cricketers.

But have ever thought that what the security these cricketers do have.

One of the most successful Batsmen of Pakistan history Inzamam-ul –Haq was

Shown door by the Pakistan cricket control board. But Inzi has done lot for Pakistan cricket.

So I am happy for Alok and Aftab to secure their life in ICCL.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I like to go back to the late 80s of Dhaka. There was a 4 nation under 19 tournament . India was the champion of this tournament. In fact
This Indian team was the future India team. Ajoy Jadeja, Vinod kambly, Ranjiv Bishwal,
Late Dhruv Pandab, Bhupinder Sing, Jateen ParanJapey and another name was Sourav Ganguly. In fact It was my teen age days and I was very excited to see those teen agers.

But this name Sourav Ganguly gave me huge attention. During those days west Bengal media

Was so much vocal about injustice to Bengal from BCCI. This old record was very common. But it is not always Bengal Media was right. They were very much vocal about
Arun lal. But It was known fact there was no such quality player who could match the Indian team. So name Sourav Ganguly kept my interest high.

Then success of debut series against England of him and Rahul Dravid are history. Sachin Tendulkar established himself then as the star of Indian cricket. Then here came
South Africa Series India had witnessed of VVS Laxman.
With out a doubt this middle order ( Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman) is
One of the best middle orders of the history of the World cricket. It is the best luck of India
That they have got such super class Batsman at a time.

But again problem of Indian cricket is of the whole subcontinent not to adopt proper
Sports culture. Virendra Sehwag has been groomed him self nicely under Fab four. Test

Cricket is a complete different ball game. Sehwag is extremely success full because he went to bat with out pressure while Yuvraj Sing could
Not capitalize his extreme talent in test cricket.

India is now in a transition period as the Australia of late 80s while a number of cricketing greats had retired . Australian cricket was rebuild centralizing Allen Border.
But Indian cricket is different now . Border got people like Dean Jones, Geoff Marsh,David Boon, Mark Tailor , Waugh brothers . Then they don’t need to look behind.

Sourav Ganguly did same thing for India while India was sank in betting controversy.

People like Virendra Sehwag, Yuvraj Sing, Mohd Kaif, Zaheer Khan, Asish Nehra, Harbajan Sing , Irfan
Pathan were discovery of Sourav . But fact was that there was also visionary like Jagmohan Dalmiya from whom he had got full support.

Now Post Fab four and Anil Kumbley era I am not very much optimistic about Indian Cricket.

MS Dhoni , Yuvraj Sing are purely adopted by 20-20 culture. This Current Indian team has not been tested in green top surface in overseas while Fab four was the most successful
In South Africa, Australia and England.

Now the actual testing period of Indian cricket starts

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is Lazy Sunday. As usual I had an eye on Daily Prothom- Alo. Normally I only read the sports news. In last some days I lost interest of the Political Circus of Bangladesh.,

But one Head line of respected UtpolShuvro was just like the bolt from the blue to me.

14 Bangladesh Cricketers are joining ICL including ex captain Habibul Bashar, Two

Star Batsman Alok Kapali , Aftab Ahmed and ex vice captain Shahriar Nafees .

My reaction was mixed . ICL as known as rebel league of Indian Cricket.

BCCI is become the USA of world cricket. Mr Sharad Pawer can be called the George Bush and David Morgan is just the Ban –Ki –Moon of world cricket.

So every fair and unfair did of Hyena Lalit Modis are authorized by ICC.

Those who are attached with ICL, International cricket is become the forbidden kingdom for them though Cricketing greats Kapil Dev or Tony Greg are leading

In fact IPL is inspired by ICL but still ICC does not recognize ICL. Cricketing world has taken this news as hot cake.

If Bangladesh loose Class Cricketers like Aftab and Alok , We need long time to fill up their gap.

But I mentioned my reaction is mixed but I am happy for the Cricketers. If Aftab or Kapali makes $200,000 per season. At least they will get proper respect , exposes and

Value. What did these boys get by playing for national team? Yes National Blazer , Stardom and equally mental stress. I am sorry for my National team and equally sorry

For this game of Cricket. This great game is become most popular in a region where there is no sports culture. This game is become monopoly of some Mafia people. Team like Bangladesh is suffering for that. If we can manage to develop proper sports culture,

We may not see these days. We must be apologized to Sir WG Grace for killing the right spirit of Cricket. Srilankan board is also rescheduling their England tour just because of IPL.

I am a die heart fan of Fabulous Four of Indian Cricket. May be they are the last representative of actual cricket.

Now Bangladesh team should take the right step . They should not bow down to any un ethical decisions. They should see the interest of the players and equally for the future of

Bangladesh cricket.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Image Source: The Hindu
Adam Gilchrist and Sourav Ganguly have expressed their desire
Of the inclusion of 20-20 format of the cricket in the Olympic. I know one day
This format will be more popular. But I don’t know this Craze of Globalization will write the grand finale of this game or not on the base of
Whims .
Media claims that Cricket is religion in sub continent. But is it the
Religion or Just status symbol of some Media and Upper Class or
Just become a Business?
Some times I ask myself that question while I am watching people Like Lalit Modis are taking
Highest chair.
Can we compare the Cricket of subcontinent to the Soccer of Brazil where they
Treat Soccer as religion?
Absolutely not. "Joga Bonita" is a genre which is attracted to people from age after age.
Sports are the biggest means of entertainment .
If we notice cautiously we will see Cricket is Popular in this region but from
1975-2007 We will notice Cup went 6 times to Non Asian countries. Asian
Countries won only three times. Even If we watch the Test records we will see
Domination of Australia, South Africa, West Indies and England in Cyclic order.
Then why is Cricket so popular? Just because we have got some Exceptional Stars
In this game . Sunil Gavaskar, Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and Javed Miandad have given us first the taste of super stardom. After that we are getting some
Mega stars on the form of Sachin Teldulkar, Washim Akram and Muttiah Muralitharan . List is endless But Sub continental cricket boards owes lots to
Their national Heroes. But Unfortunately because of one or two bad patch the behaviour they have got from their Countrymen is unthinkable.
I am grateful to SriLanka that they have given actual level playing field and professionalism to the Sub continent.
Previously Cricket means India- Pakistan to the people of this region.
Instead of right spirit of the game, media of these two countries made real mess of
The cricket. But end of the day sufferer was the Great Cricketers.
India – Sri Lanka test series are the biggest example of it. I personally rated this series
Is one of the best I have ever seen? Way Two Master Spinners Murali Dharan & Ajantha Mendis
Were Bowling against
One of the most brilliant batting line up of all time was splendid. Murali was always
Great but Mendis I have no word for him. What a discovery! He can ball leg Spin,
Off spin, Google, Doosra, Leg Cutter, Off Cutter, Flipper, and Arm Ball. Over the top
his own Invention of Carrom Ball. I don’t think Cricketing world watched such an Unconventional bowler with Variation before.
But I am equally feeling very bad that while Indian Media and some people spoke
Worst about the fabulous Four ( Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman ) and great Anil Kumbley.
According to me India will need another 30 years to get the class of these Fantastic
Four. Obviously they can be compared with only the Three WS of West Indies.
I will again go back to my old point. If Cricket is popular just because of those stars
Who have dedicated whole of their life for this great game.
So Before their Departure at least they should get proper respect. So Future Star Ajantha Mendis does not need to search a time machine to see what will happened after
15 years to fag end of his Illustrious Carrier.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome Ajantha Mendis

I will start my write Up with some points-

1)Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and Vvs Laxman are known as fantastic four on Indian Cricket. All together They have made 30,000 + run in Test cricket.

2) Indian Batsmen are simply masters against spin bowling . I can give Instance

of two Occasions.

Shane Warne is undoubtedly the all time best spinner In the world. But Indian Batsmen were always a big mystery to him. After getting testing time from even

Indian Tale ender, he made comments that

“ The Indians play spin even in sleeping.”

Pakistani great Abdul kadir told his experience of one India-Pakistan series against

Gavaskar and VengSarkar. While he tried to do his major weapon Google , even

From Non Striking end both Gavaskar an vengsarkar were shouting “ GOOGLE.”

He was frustrated. So The biggest test of a spinner to play against Indian Batsman.

We know Murali very well. But I am spell bound to See Ajanta Mendis. Srilanka

Is champion to provide natural unconventional talent. Sanath Jayasuriya , Muthiah MuraliDharan, Lasith Malinga have already proved and now new addition is Ajantha Mendis.

He is a new discovery of world cricket. Now, we are starting to forget essence of Test cricket.

Now this game is become the business of the Lalit Modis. But Natural Talent like Mendis is Fresh Air in world Cricket.

He is an off spinner . But he can equally give Google and Doosra . Most important is

His bowling grip and he hold it like Carom. So his carom grip is getting popular.

Even four greats of India can’t read him.

We have great expectation from this wonderful discovery of the world cricket.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I wish I would have a time machine and I want to go back on 1960 .My destination is Newyork of 1960 .I like to ask pandit Nehru , " Does he have enough

cougrage to see current India?." I am sure next genaration of India

won't remember,

'Jawaharlal Nehru of India, Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt, Sukarno of Indonesia and Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia

Have founded an international organization called The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) an of states considering themselves not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc. It was founded in April 1955". The purpose of the organization as stated in the Havana Declaration of 1979 is to ensure "the national independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and security of non-aligned countries" in their "struggle against imperialism, colonialism, neo-colonialism, racism, Zionism, and all forms of foreign aggression, occupation, domination, interference or hegemony as well as against great power and bloc politics. Now all those words look like a fantacy.

It is 2008. Equlibrium of the power is effected lots after cold war. No countries are divided any more in NATO or the Warsaw Pact.

United States of America is become not only the Super power but also become the

Capcital of defense and Economy.

I wish I would bring Mr Nehru to 2008. He even could see,' how his own party is desperate to execute the Nuclear deal". Now India is become strategic partner of the USA. Indian left force has already withdrawn the support from UPA Government. CPM GS Mr Prakash Karat has already taken a strong stand against the Govt . Rediff has already given some back ground in here

The Left-UPA divorce on Tuesday capped a tumultous relationship on several thorny issues -- ranging from the Indo-US nuclear deal to the rising prices of essential commodities and the government's inclination to open up financial and retail sectors to foreign direct investment.

After agreeing with the UPA's Common Minimum Programme and extending their support to the Congress-led coalition when it came to power, the Left continued to maintain that the government should not deviate from it.

The trouble became pronounced when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made his first official visit to the United States in July 2005 and signed a joint statement with President George W Bush, which the Left said was taking India closer to the American strategic interests.

Singh's visit had followed that of then Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee who had signed the Indo-US Strategic Defence Framework Agreement, which led to increasing military ties and joint exercises between the two defence forces.

The Left, which had been opposing the government's "neo-liberal" economic policies, opened another front against its foreign policy while accusing it of ignoring the CMP.

In the context of the rising inflation graph, the outside supporters made a series of recommendations, including banning of futures trading and slashing of taxes and duties on oil products, but complained that their views were not considered by the government.

Now what is so special about this agreement-

Hindustan Times has some interesting Notes in here.

Indian Ex President Dr Abul kalam Azad is taking key roll to execute this deal.

After shocking death of brilliant Rajiv Gandhi the whole political scenario of sub continent has changed. This agreement will give free passage of USA to sub continent.

At last I want to say Good Bye Pandit Nehru. India is changed now. India will

Follow the policy of a Chief executive officer of New East India Company. Now a

Days Robert clive is become old fashion. This is the era of Multi nationals. Dr Monmohan Sing is a Successful CEO of new East India Company .

Friday, July 4, 2008

Poor display of Bangladesh and Future

Bangladesh cricket is again passing testing time. We have finished our run in recent Asia Cup. We know all sorts of scrutinise and Investigation will be made . Too many

Scholars will give several opinions but result will be a big Zero. But my opinion is

Plain and simple , we are doing too many experiment. I can compare this team with

Current Bangladesh Government . we do ‘t have any idea who has actually run the

Team. While Srilanka came to the test cricket , they always maintained a standard. They did have behind a great school cricket infra structure . They were getting limited success in the international cricket . but they made their presence felt.

Duleep Mendis, Roy Dias got respect from the world cricket while Arjuna Ranatunga and Aravinda –de -Silva had entered to the cricket as future great. Gradually we got the greatest names of world cricket Muttiah Muralitharan, Sanath Jayasuriya, Kumar Sangakkara , Mahela Jayawardene and other greats . while they

end their carrier they will do have equally personal and team success. This was the continuation. Only one Sir Garry Sobers, Dave whatmore and Tom mody did not change the Lanka cricket. Lanka officials did have a long term plan but that does not mean Srilankan media has ruined the other sports of the country as our media ditched our football. They do

have star like Susanthika Jayasinghe . Now If we look at Bangladesh crciket without any doubt

Bangladesh team did not maintain same squad even in one tournament. Our resource is limited but

We show the luxury to drop our best players off and on. Our A team does not have big diffrence with

The main team. What is most important right now , We should maintain best 17 at least next 2 years and besides we have to make our reserve banch strong. Team composition should be like that

Tamim Iqbal ,Mohammad Ashraful , Raqibul Hasan Mushfiqur Rahim ,Alok Kapali , Aftab Ahmed, Mashrafe Mortaza , Abdur Razzak, Shahadat Hossain , Shahriar Nafees, Shakib Al Hasan, Syed Rasel, Rajin Saleh, Tapash Baisya, Dhiman Ghosh. Enamul Haque jnr

These are the players who have impressive track record in last some years

On every form of cricket. Now National selectors should maintain this 17

Or do plus minus one or two. Cricket is a process. We need good leader ship

As well. We do have batsmen of class like Mohmmad Ashraful, Aftab Ahmed and Alok kapali who can destroy any level of bowling in their best day. Tamim and Sakib are even not behind. Mushrafe and Razzak could give best challenge to any team any time. So we have to ensure that those players should get confidence from selectors that they

Will not be thrown out of the team because of one or two bad performance. Besides we need a captain who can equally lead from front with performance and represent the team with best leadership quality. Ashraful is a great asset for this team. A team like Bangladesh can’t afford to loose one Asharful, Aftab or Alok.

Still after that my bet is for Shahriar Nafees or Alok Kapali.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alok Kapali, The VVS Laxman of Bangladesh

England came to Bangladesh before their historical Ashes Victory of 2005.

Steve Harmison was one of the express pacers of that time. Bangladesh was struggling

Like any thing against his 155 km speed even in a dead track. They could not read even

the bouncer of him. But one Bats Man was simply fearless . Despite he has made the

28/30 only but while he was on the action It seemed , “ Cricket is the easiest game in the word”.

He is none other than Aok Kapali , A boy of my home town and who was grown up

In front of us. I don’t want to tell more but his in and out of the Bangladesh team is a

regular business. Actually After getting Test status Bangladesh never did any thing

good in longer version of game. I don’t count what we did in Last world cup. Because

There is illustrious history of the under dogs in world cricket. But I am surprised on activities of the selectors and decision makers of the BCCB. Despite having limited resources in hand, they show courage

to keep out the Calibre of the Cricketers like Md Ashraful, Aftab Ahmed and

Alok Kapali.

You can’t measure the talent of those cricketers by record book. Because Bangladesh

Cricket Infra structure is still pre matured to dream about one Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting

and Washim Akram. So If our main cricketers are worried about their places in the team how

can they give their best?

Alok truly proved his class by epic innings of 115 against India in last night in Karachi. I Just want to

Put some reference in here.

From Cric Info-

Alok Kapali's dazzling 97-ball 115 against India on Saturday could well prove to be the watershed of his career.’

From Criket Next-

“In the Bangladesh innings, Kapali produced a gem of an innings, giving Bangladesh the much needed momentum. It was prototype of a perfect one-day knock, quick running doubled with lusty hits. The dynamic batsman cleared the boundary at will, smashing Yusuf Pathan for two sixes in an over and then picking Gony over the cover boundary. Falling on the penultimate ball of the innings, Kapali hit five sixes and ten boundaries in his knock”.

Washim Akram, Harsha Bhogle, Ian Chappell all were really excited about his batting

Display. Local Media of Bangladesh has raised a question ‘ If Alok will go to deep sleep or not.”

My Answer is “ First Bangladesh Cricket control Board should stop day dreaming

and give confidence to our Cricketers about their place in the team”.

At last I want to say Alok reminds me the Indian great Cricketer VVS Laxman.

VVS is my most favourite batsman till date and he has same history of In and Out

He proves to Indian cricket one word “ Form is temporary but class is permanent”. My best wishes for Alok Kapali.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Total Foot Ball

It was the year of 1974 world Cup. whole world did have a witness of new version of football. In this system a player moves out of his position is replaced by another from his team, thus retaining the team's intended organizational structure. In this fluid system, no player is fixed in his nominal role; anyone can be successively an attacker, a midfielder and a defender.. One man was the architect of this football and

He is none other than great Rinus Michels. Dutch forward Johan Cruyff was the system's most famous exponent . This concept is known as Total Football. Many

Team tried to adopt it but none could do better than Netherlands. Same display is

Witnessed again in 1988 while Rinus Michels returned with a classic squad which

Was lead by some greatest football artists of the history Ruud Gullit , Marco van Basten, Frank Rijkaard and Ronald Koeman . there was some spell bound performance of Netherlands against USSR.

Just last night History repeat but in different form . Now 20 years gone. USSR is no

More in Globe but Russia is there. Another Loyal Student of Total football Guus Hiddink has taken Total football in another level. Andrei Arshavin has

Taken the lead and implemented beautifully defeating Netherlands 3-1.

The has a nice write up in here.

Thanks Arshavin and Thanks Hiddink for another wonderful Total football night.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Politcial Transformation of Bangladesh

1/11 is one of the biggest turning points of the Bangladesh history. What I can say is that it is one of the significant Military -Civil Elite coups of the history. The chief Architect of 1/1 Lt Gen Masud Uddin Chowdhury has been transferred to foreign ministry. This is

The second time. It is a big news because one of the central point of this Army backed

Civilian Government was General Masud. Process of set free of the two prime leaders of Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina Wazed and Khaleda Zia have already been started.

But the most significant question is right now what is going on?

1) Will election be scheduled on time under this EC or most important under State of Emergency?

2) Why is the initiative taken to make local election before National parliament election?

3) After 1/11 human records of Bangladesh have reached in the worst level. Price of

Regular goods are out of reach. Besides This Govt is poking their nose in each and every sector which is not even their Authority. They are backed by one portion of

Civil society who are completely detached from ground level.

As a result common people are desperate to look for a change. International community

Can able to realize also the public support which this Military backed Junta is claiming

Is nothing but fake.

One significant thing is that after the departure of Mr. Anwar Choudhury, Last British High commissioner of Bangladesh, this transformation has started to work. . It was

Obvious that Mr. Chowdhury was the shadow foreign Minister of Bangladesh.

So this change was evitable.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Defination of Elite

I have just come across my favorite blogger Mash Bhai’s wonderful write up. I am equally enjoying now a days some write up of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Basically

It was two reverse instances and Culture. Ms Clinton is so affectionate about Obama
Suddenly that she is worried about his so called assassinations.

Indian media is so worried about Mr Bachchan’s Blogging status. Now they are worried

That they will be exposed. Some of them have put some funny statement that Mr. Bachchan is paid highly for his personal blog.

Basically I don’t want to go with the details but we are feeling that all of us are really

getting detached from ground level and originality.

After 1/11 the incident of Bangladesh should be noted down. So called anti corruption

Drive, funny accusation & filing are become part and parcel of the culture. Two Ex prime ministers are imprisoned with out any valid accusation and could show the

World how much honest we all are.

Actually one class of people is always busy to give legit amity to UN elected Got and

All of their wrong did. Basically these same people are always around in every Govt.

It is very sad to see daughter of the father of Nation Sheikh Hasina is deprived of the Medical treatment.

Some Moronic comments I have also seen in The Daily Star on 25th May

“ Some say it is all right that the interim government is not allowing Sheikh Hasina to go abroad for treatment. The logic is that she didn't develop the healthcare facilities in Bangladesh while she was the Prime Minister for long five years. Should Sheikh Hasina lose her hearing as a penalty for not developing much the healthcare system in the country? “

Basically problem is that while One Barack Obama comes against the wind, Elite
EX first lady has issue.

If one self made Amitabh Bachchan speaks from his Indian Elite politicians, Film media

Do have issue.

Elite class of Bangladesh thinks Sheikh Hasina is not cultured enough.

Basically one thing we forget always those Personalities have come across the long way. If we can’t give them respect it is not their problem, but it is our problem.

Because we are nothing but the pawn of the Elites and they have one religion

Called hypocrisy.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Lalit Modis are murderers of Sir Wg Grace

It was 23rd October, 1915, One white bared gentle man has left the world on very particular day . But He has already achieved the immortality in history. He is none

Other than Sir William Gilbert Grace , the father of Modern day Cricket. Gradually

We have got Several legends of this game. Modern day Cricket has come across

Long distance. This game has a complete different Identity . It was never an Olympic

Event. So concept of Cricket is not like the Soccer or Rugby.

Due to the extreme popularity of this game in sub continent commercial side of this game is explored. South Asia is one of the highest populated area of this globe.

Now a days word Revolution is used as the complement of Commercialization. Indian premium league (IPL) is one big instance of that.

Big music, dancing of cheer leaders, stage show, Flashy dress what you won’t find here . It seems you are coming in any music concert or Fashion show. Cricket is secondary in here. Media Hype is enough to bring the spectators.

But will it bring any benefit for the cricket? I have already mentioned Concept of cricket is not compatible with Olympic. So 20-20 Concept is developed. Basically

This form of game is a big threat to the game . To build a green top surface

Is treated as big drawback in such form of game.

So this type of tournament is become the graveyard of the Bowlers. If Dale Steyn and M Morkal are hugely successful in Test ,they do have real problem to cope with this form of game.
. Kolkata Night Rider owner Sharukh Khan even advised Bengal cricket

about the preparation of Wickets.

Basically Cricket Batting is a big issue still now. People Like Lalit Modis are gradually killing the spirit of this sports.

I accused Lalit as Murderer of Sir W G Grace. I don't know where will be Modi's position in history.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Another Month of March has been passed . We are slowly moving towards the Mid part of the year. Just

I am being curious “ How are the people of Country in so called non political , non violent and Corruption free Bangladesh.?”

I think they are doing quite fine. I am giving some example-

“ There is an Editor who has made a new revolution in journalism post 1/11. We came to know so many people through his famous “Amader Shomoy.” Every day he reminds

We reader that It is moral responsibility of Corporate to give advertisement to save such a promising news paper. Bank is too cruel to approve the loan of 5 million BDT to save his News paper”. What a head line!

There is a special Court where there is special trial going on. Mafia God fathers are in Picnic Mode in

This special Court. Mr DIG prison has mentioned this is the responsibility of local Police station. Wow

What a sense of responsibility! But Same establishment even does not care about the physical condition

Of Ex Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

After 1/11 Rab, Administration started another war against a technology called VOIP. But Very soon they

Did have a realization that the Mother Telco of Bangladesh White Elephant BTTB even could not able

to develop Its Capacity in all those years . So Rumor is that the whole business is captured by great

officers of our patriotic army.

Our Judiciary has become Independent. But Bangladesh High court and Supreme Court are playing Musical chair games in each and every Case.

Moeen U Ahmed has got 6 Horses from India but we are still not sure when this Rice export deal

Will be executed.

Basically one of my friends told we have to reform in food habits . Because rice will be the Item of

Picnic for the near future.

But I like to ask where is our Intellectual Elite Class? Our Sushil shomaj is happy that we have been

Get rid of uncultured corrupt politicians.

But we don’t have any problem to be the slave of some dictators…. Long Live Bangladesh.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Arrival of a Future Legend

wow! Am I dreaming? It seems I went back to 1994 world cup football. Lots of Big names were there . Therewas great Bebeto-Romario Duo . But
one name is heard every where as antonym of great Edison Arantes do Nascimento (Pele). This name is none other than another Living Legend
of Brazil Ronaldo. He is my all time favorite. I first came to see Ronaldo
from his PSV Eindhoven days. But unfortunately half of Potentiality of this great could not be utilized because of his Injury. Even after that
He is the highest scorer of all time time world cup history. I truly miss trademark with and with out ball movement of Ronaldo master Piece.

But I think my wait is over . A New 18 years Phenomenon has already
declared his arrival in highest stage of world football. This name is Alexandre Pato. Present Brazil Coach and Ex Brazil Captain Carlos Dunga

has already declared " Pato reminds him his ex team mate Ronaldo.

The Video Clips of Pato reminds me to the Young Ronaldo of PSV days.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Side Effect of 20-20 IPL Style in Test Cricket

It is Third day of Chennai Test Score board is South Africa 540
India 468/1 (106.0 ov).

One of My favorites V Sehwag made the fastest Triple hundred, I am

Not l at all excited. Basically People like Lalit Modi have already made

The cricket as soap opera by introducing IPL.

Basically It is obvious that Chennai Test becomes graveyard of the bowlers.

Indian Pacers were doing commendable job In Australia. But Unfortunately

This flat track did not have any thing for Pacers. Even spinners could not

get any encouragement from this track. Dale Steyn was man of the match in

the consecutive series. But he could not do much in here.

This is another Hypocrisy of BCCI for IPL. Who cares

about Test cricket. Money is big here.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beauty of Fast Bowling

Beauty of Fast Bowling

It is the fourth day of India-Australia test match in Waca ground of Perth. Ricky Ponting is in the wicket. To me Ricky is the most dangerous player of current days. He does have
Every cricketing shot in his collection . Most Important is that he is the batsman of class and Class is always permanent not temporary as form. Opposite end there was a 19 year kid

Ishant Sharma who has only 4 tests of experience".

Most of the people have already come to know the result of this test. Indian Media is dancing . Even non cricketing bollywood people also poking their nose on the emotion

Of patriotism. But this particular 55 minutes of cricket gave me the immense pleasure.

This 55 minutes gave me the real taste of art of fast bowling.

This one deadly spell of Ishanth Sharma to Ponting should be the biggest advertisement of pace bowling. It was the art of in sewing and Pace. Even one of the strongest player

of history against pace bowling Ricky ponting was just help less against Sharma. I don’t

know whether we can see same spell or not in future from young sharma but one thing

it is established truth that pace bowling in the green top Surface is art but it is also fact

that Pace bowling is really become tougher and tougher day by day. It is fact that

there is nothing for the pacers in the wickets of the sub continent
. But Now a days ICC is

more concerned about sponsors and business . so some sorts of reforms are made in the

Cricket. Bowlers are most effected among them. People like to see the run flowing. So now a days It is become trend to prepare the wicket for Bats Man. However comments of Gideon Haigh reminds me

“But if high scores were a reliable indicator of the quality of a sport, football would have outlawed goalkeepers, and golf would have drawn every green to within a drive of the tee so that everyone could shoot 60. There has to be a struggle to take the advantage; there has to be resistance to the efforts to wrest it back. Sport is not just about spectacle; it involves challenge, frustration, slings, arrows, outrageous fortune.”

I have been watching cricket since my 3rd standard of 1982 when we only depended on the radio. Looking back that time to be very honest
I was enjoying the low scoring match than high scoring one.

Actually ability to play in green top surface is the biggest recognition of the greatness

of a Bats man.

some high quality bowling of Two W or Excellent sewing bowling of Flintoff and Simon Jones were the real advertisement of great pace bowling . who will forget some

magic spell of Curtley Ambrose and Allan Donald.

Actually too much one day cricket has already killed the original taste of cricket .
Now over the top it is 20-20. I am afraid one day we have possibility to see a
Team with batsman and change Bowlers only.

I don’t know when ICC will take step to save the beauty of Fast bowling.