Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Last Action Hero

Sourav Ganguly has given an interview to the Kokata Daily Anandabazar & Aaj kaal after his retirement. It is clearly indicating that in our subcontinent how badly a sportsman
Is treated at end of his carrier. Basically what I have told my on my previous notes

That our sub continent makes any one hero for the success and even does not take single

time to ditch any one. This is because of the lack of sports culture.
Sourav Ganguly is undoubtedly most successful captain of India

and one of the best batsmen of cricket history. Here is the translation of some important

part of his interview-

Q: Why do you suddenly give this declaration?

Ans: I have taken the decision earlier. Just wanted to escape burden on the eve of the series.

Q: Is it not difficult for you to be out of Cricket while you are the guy who can do shadow
At 2 Am?

Ans: I am also surprised that I have made this declaration. But trust me I am not feeling that bad

Q: Since when have you been thinking for retirement?

Ans: Actually while I was out from Irani Trophy, I had made my mind almost. It was a night mare . I could not sleep at night. It was very tough for me to stay at home and decided not to give up. I did not expect to get call for Australia series
but I was hopeful because of new Selection committee . So As I have got the chance,
simply don’t want to give chance any one.

Q: who are they?

Ans: I don’t want to tell any one’s name. But tell me one thing, “why should I be in trial in every time? “You media people told After come back I was the most successful . then why should I be thrown just for one bad series? How long I will fight? If we make
Too much pump on a bladder, it will be burst automatically .

Q: There is the speculation for the VRS of the seniors. Are you the starting point?

Ans: I don’t know who has spread this. Is it possible to tell some one after particular day you won’t play. Should you tell sachin, Rahul and Laxman?All of them are performing
for 12 years. when they will feel for the call off , they leave themselves.About myself I have understood I will be always on Gun point and I will be scrutinized for
any reason. You can’t play like that. So It is better to quit . Cricket may not
Be in life but life will be there.

Q: Gavaskar told , “ You and Laxman are always on Gun point.”

Ans: Every thing is possible in Indian Cricket . while Greg ( chapel) made me out of team, they took T P Sing instead of me. But where is he now?
Some one has not made run in last three series. One cricketer has not got run even in one year. Some one has changed his hair style more than score. That’s why I asked Chika
(Srikanth) to let me play in peace and he has agreed.

Q: what is your greatest achievement in your whole cricketing life?

Ans: 99% people will tell about the success of my captaincy. But I want to tell about our team. Sachin, Rahul, Laxman, Kumbley and me have changed the face of Indian cricket
Together. When India had traveled to the overseas , every body was sure about our defeat. But Scenario is changed after 2000. You can’t alone make a team . It is the
Result of united effort.
So my team was the actual captain. So before my departure I wan to tell my team mates
“ Thank you Mates.”

This is how a sportsman is treated in this subcontinent. Honestly speaking I was watching Indian cricket for the Fab four. I can pay any amount to see the batting
Of VVS Laxman.

It is sad that a bunch of criminals are seating in BCCI . Board president Shashank Manohar is accused for multiple reason in here

“To know Shashank Manohar better, one has to go back to 26th November 1995. It was an ODI played between India and New Zealand when the VCA stadium wall collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring over 70. And who were responsible? Shashank Manohar himself, along with his father V.R. Manohar, the bosses of the VCA stadium - allegely these guys had contracted a close relative of theirs for the construction of the wall. It isn't a surprise that a man responsible for cricket's biggest onfield tragedy is the vice-president of the board.”

Current Secretary N Srinivasan is another controversial character “ Being a Secretary
Of the board this guy still owning IPL Franchise Chennai Super king which is one of the biggest conflict of interest. Funniest thing they are accusing Mr Dalmiya for the corruption but this guy was the treasurer.

I don’t want to sepak about lalit Modi any more. He can do or undo any thing for IPL and money.

Even Senior person Like IS Bindra also told “ Betting should be legalized In Cricket.”
I don’t know if Indian Govt will declare any VRS for those joker officials or not

Basically 20-20 has already started to bleed the cricket badly.

To day Bangladesh Media is going after our 14 cricketers for joining ICL. BCCB blindly
Banned them for 10 years. I have seen support of some suhil friends of mine.

They are not stopped even to spread venom about the personal life of cricketers.

But have ever thought that what the security these cricketers do have.

One of the most successful Batsmen of Pakistan history Inzamam-ul –Haq was

Shown door by the Pakistan cricket control board. But Inzi has done lot for Pakistan cricket.

So I am happy for Alok and Aftab to secure their life in ICCL.

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