Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top Ten Goals of the History

Actually It's very difficult to Judge the Goals. But These 10 are my favorites.

10)Dennis Bergkamp Holland vs Argentina Goal

9)Roberto Baggio - against Czechoslovakia 1990

8)JOSIMAR - against poland 1986

7) Rivaldo -Ronaldinho Combination against England in 2002

6)Carlos Alberto 1970 Gooal Vs Italy In Final

5)Johan Cruyff 1972 Goal for Ajax Amsterdam

4) Roberto Carlos Vs France 1997

3)Van Basten - Holland vs USSR 1988

2) Pele against Sweden 1958 Final

1) Maradona Goal against England 1986

Thursday, October 13, 2011

All Time Best 11

This is a quite interesting topic across the globe for any sports to make an all time best 11 for any team game.For Soccer I am sure each and every pundit has created their best 11. Fact is that when they are creating they themselves know this 11 can't be the best one. We are living in the era of Virtual world. Due to the blessings of software or game writers our Imaginations are getting more and more real. Due to development of Technology the fine line of reality and Imaginations are become merged. Football is the game which is become a religion to the people across the globe. I don't think any other game has such global appeal which soccer does have. Because of the soccer , People of the interior part of Asia, Africa are spending sleepless night and cheering up for the different continent countries like Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

So being a Soccer Fan I am trying to design an all time best 11. But fact is that It is almost impossible to distinguish between greatness of the players of two or three different era. If you ask me my opinion I will find 6/7 greats are in one position. But Football is the game of 11 players. So How?

I have divided my observation in two parts. 1) The Greats whom I have seen on operation full 90 minutes and 2) The greats whom I have read about maximum watched video Clip. I have exceptional respect for those pundits and reporters who had created an Inter Era Highway by using the tools like write up and Video clips.

with out going More details I am presenting my best 11

Goal Keeper:


Lev Yashin, Gordon Banks, Sepp Maier these names are very dependable in Goal keeping hostory. To be very honest It 's very difficult for any expert to skip these names. My problem is that I have heard legend of Yashin even able to see Video clip of the excellent save of Gordon Banks against Pele.But Dino Zoff is the name whom I hated most. I had witnessed him on 1982 world cup. Paolo Rossi might be the hero of 1982 especially the historic win (3-2) against one of the finest Brazilian teams in the history but 40 years Captain of Italy brought his performance in different height on this particular day. He was continuing his same form and had Played like a wall on 1982 world cup. Dino Zoff was actually responsible to break the heart of Brazilian Fans of 1982 and that's why being a 3rd standard school boy I had hated this person very much but I still can't come out of the keeping of this great man. Oliver Kahn is also one of my favorites. But My Vote will be always for great Dino Zoff.



Modern Day role of full back are not defending only . very often they can be seen more on overlapping .Actually Brazil has been producing great full backs since 50s and I am pretty much sure Cafu is the best man in this right back business.



First of all I was little bit confused about his role . what will be the role of him in team? Defender or Sweeper or Holding Midfielder? One of the complete footballers in history. Without Kaiser no best 11 is complete.


Again I have confusion about the position . Maldini had the ability to play both Left and Central. But Maldini is always my first choice



To be very frank my first choice was Cafu's Long time Partner Roberto Carlos . Later i think about Junior . But As much as I read about Nilton Santos, I understand how much contribution he did have for the Brazilian football as well as World Soccer. Actually He was pioneering left back being one of first full backs to participate in the offensive game. Actually Nilton Santos is the Trend setter of the modern day full back.

I am sorry to say I don't keep any holding Mid Fielders In Team-


First of all I am neither soccer expert nor a sports reporter . Just I am a normal Viewer. If we are going to speak about technicality Galloping Major of the football never comes in best 11. Because his position (inside left in) is already in museum. But Can we able to deny his contribution in world football. Actually Mighty Magayars has changed the definition of the game. I don't think No other teams in the world dominated such a long time. Though I did not see him, he is one of the champions and always will be.


Another trend setter in the world football who were leading from front. At least I don't have audacity to leave Cruef from the 11.

No adjective is enough to Justify Maradona's Position


Many will raise their Eyebrow. Zinadine Zindane, Eusebio, Messi or any of them can claim this place. But To me Forlan is one of the most complete Player. He was simply outstanding in last world cup because of his long range set piece, speed, Versatility . Over all Forlan is a complete package. Most Important he leads to re establish old glory of Uruguay.


As Maradona there is nothing to describe about Messenger of football religion.


Undoubtedly the best Striker of the history. Truly Phenomenon. Fact is that Ronaldo the phenomenon is the Role model of any young footballers in the globe.

I know my this list is not perfect. I remember There was the roster of Europe Vs rest of the world or South America Vs rest of the world after 1982 and 1986 world cup. But Due to Modern days Club football whole soccer world is become one world.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Renowned Bengali Film Maker Satyajit Ray got recognition, name and fame
From his first poetic celluloid master piece Pother pachaliI.
Frankly speaking I don’t understand the word of film critics. But I was only a
High school student while Mr. Ray got his life time achievement of Oscar award.
The name Sattajit Ray and discussion about his movie became status symbol to
Bengali Media. We did not have powerful diaspora that time, but we were very proud to discuss about

Pothrer Pachali, Jalsa ghar and all extremely critically acclaimed movies .
The technicality and concepts were really out of our reach to understand. But I
Am surprised to see no critics or pundits were speaking about his another master
Piece Hirak Rajar Deshe . But surprisingly so far Hirak Rajar deshe is the most

Popular creation of Mr. Ray . It is become the master piece of the political Satire
Concept. Actually Total political process of Bangladesh become now tools of
experiment of some unconstitutional opportunists. They are known as
Civil society. Every alternative day we are hearing about frustration about both political parties. From dawn to dust media does have one effort to prove
How bad electoral process is . How inefficient political leaders are ! How corrupt
They are but while one Nobel laureate does not care about retirement policy and
Creating efficient successor, this whole civil society has a common chorus,”
He has made Bangladesh proud . So he is above law .” Only God knows when the Editors of Leading National Daily Prothom-Alo will know about his
Age of creative retirement “.

Basically the biggest tragedy of the country like Bangladesh is the sufferings of monopolistic attitude of a particular class. Politics is the most profitable industry in country like Bangladesh. But To invest in this industry Dan Brown’s Fake meteorite kind of plot is always needed to
make people fool. It seems all nonpolitical people are become politically most correct in this country. I have heard so much about checks and balance, decentralization of power, Institutional reform. But Theory
Of those social and political parameters are always changed by the contractors
Of civil society. Because what ever happened Monopoly has to be secured.

Party like Awami league which has the biggest mass support is always the biggest
Obstacle for this monopoly. Equally the contractors of monopoly always find difficulties to destroy the organization which is built on the support of mass
People. So what will be the alternative solution? Take control of the party. Inject more liquidity in the party . Just kick out all veteran leaders who
Had extremely bright political back ground and simply destroy even next generation Political leadership.

So called Civil society is always there to play neutral game to make all negative nonpolitical parameters positive in front of public eyes. It is really sad to see extremely right
Wing guy Golam Moula Rony is in AL.
Does Our Prime minister able to realize her control in the party and ideology is getting diminish? Does she realize same contractors of the monopoly is playing
With the party image from inside the party? By playing in the stock market, they make their profit maximized but all small investors are coming into the road.
Is AL getting benefit to follow the Army backed care taker Government ‘s Telecommunication policy to issue some expensive license and creating the monopoly for some vested interest group?
What’s the benefit, AL getting to support the atrocity and brutality of Rab against a young boy Limon? In every institutions some Army Generals or Brigadiers
are seating as head (BTRC, Election Commission). Is Al not making political suicide to support all these extra judicial activities of all those army, generals?
Our current PM should not forget that she was the victim of those extra judicial
actions of 1/11 cronies.

I am surprised to see ex finance minister AMS KIBRIA family is still not getting justice . This respected politician has given his life for this party and contributed in 1971 . But
Can’t his family accept minimum support and initiative from the own party to ensure justice?
The full blue print was designed before 2001 election from
Mentors of these social contractors. Next 5 years were the extreme monopolistic display of Tarek Rahman and Co. He was single- handedly responsible to destroy the image of whole politicians of Bangladesh.

Gradually 1/11 blue print executed . Common people did not have confidence on the neutral and balance theory of monopolistic contractors and civil society. Biggest success of these contractors
are to create distance between senior political leaders of Al and Sheikh Hasina.

it is very easy to

Prove in public that these political parties are use less through an useless cabinet.

These all are plotted to create a gateway to power for this unelected regime .

This is the wake up call for Awami league. If this Government is failed we may
be in a political black hole . We may need another 20 years to come out of this