Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Lalit Modis are murderers of Sir Wg Grace

It was 23rd October, 1915, One white bared gentle man has left the world on very particular day . But He has already achieved the immortality in history. He is none

Other than Sir William Gilbert Grace , the father of Modern day Cricket. Gradually

We have got Several legends of this game. Modern day Cricket has come across

Long distance. This game has a complete different Identity . It was never an Olympic

Event. So concept of Cricket is not like the Soccer or Rugby.

Due to the extreme popularity of this game in sub continent commercial side of this game is explored. South Asia is one of the highest populated area of this globe.

Now a days word Revolution is used as the complement of Commercialization. Indian premium league (IPL) is one big instance of that.

Big music, dancing of cheer leaders, stage show, Flashy dress what you won’t find here . It seems you are coming in any music concert or Fashion show. Cricket is secondary in here. Media Hype is enough to bring the spectators.

But will it bring any benefit for the cricket? I have already mentioned Concept of cricket is not compatible with Olympic. So 20-20 Concept is developed. Basically

This form of game is a big threat to the game . To build a green top surface

Is treated as big drawback in such form of game.

So this type of tournament is become the graveyard of the Bowlers. If Dale Steyn and M Morkal are hugely successful in Test ,they do have real problem to cope with this form of game.
. Kolkata Night Rider owner Sharukh Khan even advised Bengal cricket

about the preparation of Wickets.

Basically Cricket Batting is a big issue still now. People Like Lalit Modis are gradually killing the spirit of this sports.

I accused Lalit as Murderer of Sir W G Grace. I don't know where will be Modi's position in history.

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