Sunday, September 14, 2008


It is Lazy Sunday. As usual I had an eye on Daily Prothom- Alo. Normally I only read the sports news. In last some days I lost interest of the Political Circus of Bangladesh.,

But one Head line of respected UtpolShuvro was just like the bolt from the blue to me.

14 Bangladesh Cricketers are joining ICL including ex captain Habibul Bashar, Two

Star Batsman Alok Kapali , Aftab Ahmed and ex vice captain Shahriar Nafees .

My reaction was mixed . ICL as known as rebel league of Indian Cricket.

BCCI is become the USA of world cricket. Mr Sharad Pawer can be called the George Bush and David Morgan is just the Ban –Ki –Moon of world cricket.

So every fair and unfair did of Hyena Lalit Modis are authorized by ICC.

Those who are attached with ICL, International cricket is become the forbidden kingdom for them though Cricketing greats Kapil Dev or Tony Greg are leading

In fact IPL is inspired by ICL but still ICC does not recognize ICL. Cricketing world has taken this news as hot cake.

If Bangladesh loose Class Cricketers like Aftab and Alok , We need long time to fill up their gap.

But I mentioned my reaction is mixed but I am happy for the Cricketers. If Aftab or Kapali makes $200,000 per season. At least they will get proper respect , exposes and

Value. What did these boys get by playing for national team? Yes National Blazer , Stardom and equally mental stress. I am sorry for my National team and equally sorry

For this game of Cricket. This great game is become most popular in a region where there is no sports culture. This game is become monopoly of some Mafia people. Team like Bangladesh is suffering for that. If we can manage to develop proper sports culture,

We may not see these days. We must be apologized to Sir WG Grace for killing the right spirit of Cricket. Srilankan board is also rescheduling their England tour just because of IPL.

I am a die heart fan of Fabulous Four of Indian Cricket. May be they are the last representative of actual cricket.

Now Bangladesh team should take the right step . They should not bow down to any un ethical decisions. They should see the interest of the players and equally for the future of

Bangladesh cricket.

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