Friday, April 4, 2008


Another Month of March has been passed . We are slowly moving towards the Mid part of the year. Just

I am being curious “ How are the people of Country in so called non political , non violent and Corruption free Bangladesh.?”

I think they are doing quite fine. I am giving some example-

“ There is an Editor who has made a new revolution in journalism post 1/11. We came to know so many people through his famous “Amader Shomoy.” Every day he reminds

We reader that It is moral responsibility of Corporate to give advertisement to save such a promising news paper. Bank is too cruel to approve the loan of 5 million BDT to save his News paper”. What a head line!

There is a special Court where there is special trial going on. Mafia God fathers are in Picnic Mode in

This special Court. Mr DIG prison has mentioned this is the responsibility of local Police station. Wow

What a sense of responsibility! But Same establishment even does not care about the physical condition

Of Ex Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

After 1/11 Rab, Administration started another war against a technology called VOIP. But Very soon they

Did have a realization that the Mother Telco of Bangladesh White Elephant BTTB even could not able

to develop Its Capacity in all those years . So Rumor is that the whole business is captured by great

officers of our patriotic army.

Our Judiciary has become Independent. But Bangladesh High court and Supreme Court are playing Musical chair games in each and every Case.

Moeen U Ahmed has got 6 Horses from India but we are still not sure when this Rice export deal

Will be executed.

Basically one of my friends told we have to reform in food habits . Because rice will be the Item of

Picnic for the near future.

But I like to ask where is our Intellectual Elite Class? Our Sushil shomaj is happy that we have been

Get rid of uncultured corrupt politicians.

But we don’t have any problem to be the slave of some dictators…. Long Live Bangladesh.