Saturday, May 24, 2008

Defination of Elite

I have just come across my favorite blogger Mash Bhai’s wonderful write up. I am equally enjoying now a days some write up of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Basically

It was two reverse instances and Culture. Ms Clinton is so affectionate about Obama
Suddenly that she is worried about his so called assassinations.

Indian media is so worried about Mr Bachchan’s Blogging status. Now they are worried

That they will be exposed. Some of them have put some funny statement that Mr. Bachchan is paid highly for his personal blog.

Basically I don’t want to go with the details but we are feeling that all of us are really

getting detached from ground level and originality.

After 1/11 the incident of Bangladesh should be noted down. So called anti corruption

Drive, funny accusation & filing are become part and parcel of the culture. Two Ex prime ministers are imprisoned with out any valid accusation and could show the

World how much honest we all are.

Actually one class of people is always busy to give legit amity to UN elected Got and

All of their wrong did. Basically these same people are always around in every Govt.

It is very sad to see daughter of the father of Nation Sheikh Hasina is deprived of the Medical treatment.

Some Moronic comments I have also seen in The Daily Star on 25th May

“ Some say it is all right that the interim government is not allowing Sheikh Hasina to go abroad for treatment. The logic is that she didn't develop the healthcare facilities in Bangladesh while she was the Prime Minister for long five years. Should Sheikh Hasina lose her hearing as a penalty for not developing much the healthcare system in the country? “

Basically problem is that while One Barack Obama comes against the wind, Elite
EX first lady has issue.

If one self made Amitabh Bachchan speaks from his Indian Elite politicians, Film media

Do have issue.

Elite class of Bangladesh thinks Sheikh Hasina is not cultured enough.

Basically one thing we forget always those Personalities have come across the long way. If we can’t give them respect it is not their problem, but it is our problem.

Because we are nothing but the pawn of the Elites and they have one religion

Called hypocrisy.

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