Thursday, November 13, 2008


It was 1987 world cup. India and Pakistan hosted Reliance cup. West Indies was the one and only super power of world cricket. But there was tough competitions among all
Those test playing nations. But Australia was facing lean period before 87 world cup.
Two Men Bobby Simpson and Allan Border took the responsibility to groom up
The team. Basically After retirement of some very big names Australia did have a big problem. But Border –Simpson duo along with Cricket Australia able to build up
Infrastructure. 87 world cup was turning point. They started with Boon, Marsh, Dean Jones, Steve and Mark Waugh, Craig Mcdermott, Bruce Reid and on continuation we have got so many greats like Adam Gilchrist , Ricky Ponting, Mark Tailor, Shane Warne, Glenn Mcgrath list is unlimited.

But Still I will never say this Australian team is better than West Indies of 80s. They have taken cricket to a great heights. On the course of time Cricket has entered to the
Corporate world. Excessive commercialization of the game has effected the team badly.
Every time this game has to go under the table of Surgeon which is called ICC.
Basically Bowlers won matches. But they are scrutinized maximum time directly or indirectly. In Test matches ICC put limitations on bouncers. All wkts are batting friendly in any part of the world. Even surprisingly Sabina park one of the fastest wkts of world cricket hardly have any Grass. Durban, Waca ground , Oval are also changing
Their characters. In last decade Australian Attack was lead by Shane Warne and Glenn Mcgrath who was not as express bowler as his long term partner Jason Gillespie and Brett lee. Basically over all standard of Cricket is downwards with out any doubt.

Australia was enjoying the service of their golden generation. But right now the phase of transformation is coming up. To be vey Honest I don’t see better successors of Ricky Ponting , Adam Gilchrist , Mathew Haden, Shane Warne or Glen Mcgrath in current Aussies Squad. Those gentlemen were successfully raised the bottom even in better way
Than their Seniors.

Basically South Africa, India, England and Srilanka have every possibility to lead in next decade of world cricket.

Cricket is the game of great uncertainty. May be I am wrong but Still now I am not hearing any sound of the step of any Dale Steyn, Ishanth Sharma, Ajantha Mendis or Kevin Peterson , MS Dhoni in Australian Cricket who are the generation next cricketer.
We don’t hear Callipso music any more . May be Baggy green has complete its one great journey. May be New generation of Cricket started its Journey to infinitive with Some
One like Ajantha Mendis .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Farewell to Brilliant Student of World Cricket

It was the Year of 1990.. This was the year of My Matriculation. During these Days
Vinod Kambli was a very promising name in first class level. There was a tournament
In Sharjah Called Australasia Cup. Indian Team was on leader ship of Md Azhar Uddin. One name did come to my notice. It was Anil Kumble. I remember Daily
Songbad was the most popular news paper in Bangladesh. They have also made the
Mistake by mixing up the sir name of Kambli. But after end of the carrier where
Is kambli today? But the unsung hero of Indian cricket Anil Kumble has decided
To hang up the boot. He has truly established himself as the Legend.
One era of the world cricket is finished after retirement of Anil.

I am great fan of fab four. But if I am true fan of Indian Cricketer, It is Anil Kumble. From

The very early stage of his carrier his critics accused him not to spin the ball that much

But None can deny besides his legendary counter part contemporary cricketer Shane Warne he has not only brought back the art of leg spin in world cricket but also established spin bowling in the highest honor.

If Early 80s was the era of Fearsome pace bowling 90s was completely dedicated

Spin bowling . World Cricket has got some great spin artists in both form of Finger and
Wrist Spin. Highest wicket Takers Muthiah Muralidharan, saqlain Mushtaq, Harbhajan Sing , Stuart Mc Gil. All have made their marks in world cricket. But keeping Ajhanta
Mendis in mind, there will be great vacuum in world cricket.

I have lots of beautiful memories with Anil Kumble as a viewers. His 6/12 In Hero Cup, His all 10 Wkts.

Basically from my Child hood I have heard about Jim Laker’s 10/53. But It was
My best of luck that I was the big witness of Kumble’s 10 of Kotla.

Being a Mechanical engineer he is a very well mannered and humble person . As a Captain he has done the great Job. His act as a leader in Sydney after this controversial
Match was fantastic. I think Perth win was the greatest of all time Indian Victory.

In last some days Indian Media Could not show proper respect to Kumbley.

But Great Warrior like Kumble knows how to stop. May be he will go and open a new innings for the Cricket.

Now a days over all charm of the Cricket is downward. Lots of unwanted people Like Lalit Modi and all are continuously spoiling the cricket environment via 20-20 hype.

Way things are going on I am really scared we are going to loose the brightest students

Of Cricket.

Kumble was one of the last representatives of those brightest students of world cricket
In this Corporate aggression.

But Kumble will be missed off and on by the true cricket lovers.