Monday, August 11, 2008


Image Source: The Hindu
Adam Gilchrist and Sourav Ganguly have expressed their desire
Of the inclusion of 20-20 format of the cricket in the Olympic. I know one day
This format will be more popular. But I don’t know this Craze of Globalization will write the grand finale of this game or not on the base of
Whims .
Media claims that Cricket is religion in sub continent. But is it the
Religion or Just status symbol of some Media and Upper Class or
Just become a Business?
Some times I ask myself that question while I am watching people Like Lalit Modis are taking
Highest chair.
Can we compare the Cricket of subcontinent to the Soccer of Brazil where they
Treat Soccer as religion?
Absolutely not. "Joga Bonita" is a genre which is attracted to people from age after age.
Sports are the biggest means of entertainment .
If we notice cautiously we will see Cricket is Popular in this region but from
1975-2007 We will notice Cup went 6 times to Non Asian countries. Asian
Countries won only three times. Even If we watch the Test records we will see
Domination of Australia, South Africa, West Indies and England in Cyclic order.
Then why is Cricket so popular? Just because we have got some Exceptional Stars
In this game . Sunil Gavaskar, Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and Javed Miandad have given us first the taste of super stardom. After that we are getting some
Mega stars on the form of Sachin Teldulkar, Washim Akram and Muttiah Muralitharan . List is endless But Sub continental cricket boards owes lots to
Their national Heroes. But Unfortunately because of one or two bad patch the behaviour they have got from their Countrymen is unthinkable.
I am grateful to SriLanka that they have given actual level playing field and professionalism to the Sub continent.
Previously Cricket means India- Pakistan to the people of this region.
Instead of right spirit of the game, media of these two countries made real mess of
The cricket. But end of the day sufferer was the Great Cricketers.
India – Sri Lanka test series are the biggest example of it. I personally rated this series
Is one of the best I have ever seen? Way Two Master Spinners Murali Dharan & Ajantha Mendis
Were Bowling against
One of the most brilliant batting line up of all time was splendid. Murali was always
Great but Mendis I have no word for him. What a discovery! He can ball leg Spin,
Off spin, Google, Doosra, Leg Cutter, Off Cutter, Flipper, and Arm Ball. Over the top
his own Invention of Carrom Ball. I don’t think Cricketing world watched such an Unconventional bowler with Variation before.
But I am equally feeling very bad that while Indian Media and some people spoke
Worst about the fabulous Four ( Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman ) and great Anil Kumbley.
According to me India will need another 30 years to get the class of these Fantastic
Four. Obviously they can be compared with only the Three WS of West Indies.
I will again go back to my old point. If Cricket is popular just because of those stars
Who have dedicated whole of their life for this great game.
So Before their Departure at least they should get proper respect. So Future Star Ajantha Mendis does not need to search a time machine to see what will happened after
15 years to fag end of his Illustrious Carrier.

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