Monday, October 13, 2008

Fabulous Four, the Eternal Virtual Artists of the World Cricket

Current India –Australia test series creates huge interest on world of Cricket. To Me
I am always waiting for the best cricket. Basically I personally have lots of debt to
The Great Artists of world football and Cricket.

Indian Cricket has reached in great height after 2000 . It was Just possible for the
Four eternal artists of Indian Cricket. Yes They have already got the Tag of fabulous
Four. They are none other than Sachin Tendulkar, Rahhul Dravid , Sourav Ganguly
And VVS Laxman.

This is the era of the open market. Every thing is a product in here. Basically 20-20
Cricket is a new format for the entertainment of the cricket. Those of us who were following the cricket even after birth have some compatibility issue with such form of game.

Basically Major problem of any game is," if you want to change the full structure of the game for the corporate interest , You need to do lots of sacrifice with the quality of this

game". In such kind of game Bowlers are effected very badly. Batsman can’t stick to their

basic and technique. In fact Major problem is that 20-20 type of tournament never gave

a cricketer to groom up properly. But way things are going on I don’t have idea where

these things will be end. Media is so much powerful medium that they can make any average product to super class Via endorsement.

Current Indian Cricket is the biggest example of this. Basically Lalit Modi has already
Got the touch stone on the form of IPL. They have already declared it as the model
Of English Premier league. But Fact is that English Premier league or Serie A never
Become competitor of the National team and Class Players. Club football has lots
Of contribution for the development of the game of soccer. But major problem is that Cricket
is not a global game. It is almost impossible to make it globalized as football.

It is great that such a regional game has taken significant position in Word sports.

This Game has great Classic materials and If we compromise with this classic materials,
The game will loose its originality.
You can’t replace basic of any thing Via hype . It is not called reformed. Six a side cricket

Was implemented but it did not get success. Major problem is that in such kind of
System we are going to sacrifice the class players of the world cricket.

First test of India –Australia is the biggest example of it. After IPl I have watched a number of Novice and Cricket Illiterate people are going to take part in sports media.
One of the biggest example is Manish Vallicha of Neo Sports. His back ground is that
He was a Radio Jockey. But This Guy suddenly starts to take part in Cricket Hosting
Seriously. So Basic difference is coming up while Harsha Bhogley, Charu Sharma and
Even RK of Neo sports are conducting any cricket discussion.

Now a days Media needs people like Manish Vallicha or Mandira Bedi to promote the
game to another audience who have very much less interest about cricket. But over all
standard is getting not only down big time but also effecting the cricketers again.

Basically After winning of 20-20 world Cup India did have a very big Hype about
Indian current Captain MS Dhoni. I have great respect for Dhoni as a bold cricketer
And performer. But he is not at all fit as the status of Fab 4 and all.
Here is the problem. After success of 20-20 Lots of New Channels are coming with out

Proper experience.
In that Case they will promote more about the heir style of Dhoni and present him as the
Bigger even than Brad Man.

Basically , this Bangalore test is eye opener for all Boards, Cricket lovers and Cricketers.
Way Great Anil Kumbley and Fab 4 were going through pressure was unthinkable,

But end of their Cricketing Carriers way Tendulkar and Laxman Batted in a low bouncy and super slow wkt will be the big lesson for the promising Cricketers.

I am proud to say that I am almost the same age of the great Tendulkar, Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly. I think In last one decade we have seen the Monopolistic aggression of Aussies in world cricket. But these were the display of power play.

But these Four Eternal Visual Artists will be immortal in world cricket for their Class with aggression. May be They were the Last saviors of the test Cricket.

World Cricket will be great full to India to present such artists in world Cricket. But
Same BCCI will be the Court of the True Cricket lovers to destroy the spirit of the game.

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Ottayan said...

You are right about the presenter in Neo Cricket.

He comes across as half baked.