Thursday, April 26, 2007

A License to call

Voip and Bangladesh are the talk of the world in now a days. I could not say it is talk of the town.

VOIP license It is Just like a Lamp of Aladin. Voip License means the column of Shahriar Khan or

Naimur Rahman Khan( Self Declared Telecom Analyst).

Actually Bangladesh Telecom sector is slowly going to its ultimate Destiny as Pakistan Market.

This is the market which has still now huge possibility but because of some Inefficient people

we are going to loose the market.

My question to the Bangladesh information& Telecom Ministry how long they will take to

make the decision about so called license?

I think lots of time and energy are used in the eligibility of license? I think It is a real big public

BTTB does not have capacity.

Lots of analysis has been made. We need solutions.

Now how long will it take to get License to Call?


Anonymous said...

'BTTB does not have capacity' this statement is wrong. You may not know BTTB was deliberately made paralised so lose it credibilty. BTTB is under a very long term conspiracy, u may not know how dengerous is that.

tanoydutta said...

Strange! Can you share more details
about this Conspiracy?