Saturday, April 28, 2007

License Model

This is the continuation of my previous Post.

Basically Our Regulatory Board BTRC should Know the type of License. ISP license is already been assigned and if I am not mistaken VOIP opening bill had been passed.

As Voip is the Part of Telecommunication I don't find any thing wrong to use this technology.

Now where is the Problem of Regulatory body? Problem is Any mode of Call should be routed through BTTB Gateway. Any international Operator can use it By traditional point to point
Satellite IPLC , Via Cable or Via Public Ip(Voice Over Internet protocol).So as the issue is to

Monitor every call is Via BTTB Gateway so all Ip traffic is monitored.

Now Voip is the System where 70% Telco cost is reduced. Even China is Migrating their full system to VoiIp from TDM.

BTRC has to keep one thing in mind that this is the era of Perfect competition. They are not

the regulatory body of BTTB only. They have to see the interest of Public .

Because this Communication system is related to very much in every sector of Bangladesh.

Now BTRC Can follow the Model of IDA (info com Development Authority of Singapore).

Basically IDA has different Category.

Here I will discuss about the very two basic Category-

1) SBO Class : This is the license you can use only the wholesale of the minutes no pree paid activities. Traffic can be gone via public IP only. This license never allow to make any cable connection and Retail facilities . this Cost only 250 sgd (1 usd= 1.48 sgd).

This is the life long facilities. Company Must be private limited or Limited Liability Partners ship

(LLP).After Financial Year when Company submits the accounts then Income Tex is decided
by the Govt not IDA (As BTRC) or SINGTEL( As BTTB). In this license you don't need to go internet Exchange

2) SBO Individual: Through out this License one can go for Retail operation and pree paid service, Inter connection via Cable means you can do calling card, call back and every thing

company must have paid up capital of 100k SGD and 5000 Sgd is license fee and Can renew

every year in same price. SBO operators can rent E1 connection from Sing Tel,Star Hub also

Bandwidth. There are Data centers of Sing Tel, Equnix ,StarHub where operator can host their system.

So are Sing Tel and Star Hub running after the other operator to share their revenue?

Or appoint Police with IDA to run after the operators.

They are buying from Local Tier2. Retail Players( Calling Card Companies) are buying Routes from Tier1 like Sing Tel.

Besides Tier1 has their own Card and all.

In that Case Both Govt and private sectors are getting revenue.

So I think We should Implement such Model asap to save this industry.


SUSHANTA said...

Advisers agree to open up VoIP for private operators soon.


Anonymous said...

Tunny, why don't u write your idea in daily news paper. The peoples need to know this.
Sushanta, If u read carfully, they are forming another committee to amke policies on VOIP. It must be a tricks to delay the whole process.