Thursday, April 26, 2007

BTTB The White Elephent


We have reached in the 14th week after the verdict of High court on VOIP. But Still now there is no farther development in this Sector. Being Center of this industry I know how much disasters are waiting for the Tele communication Sector of Bangladesh.

Actually To achieve License is not the last point. You have to develop infrastructure.

Main problem In Bangladesh People Treat VOIP

Only on the point of Telephonic Call Termination&Origination side.My Point is If our so called Young group has enough capital or not to Invest on the infrastructure . I am worried that a section of Media& People

want to make some conflict between Isp Associations& Mobile Operators which is very risky. and Because of such statements that

Old group of Ex Govt is benefited who never

helped this sector to be grown up in last some years. and This group of people using

the lack of proper knowledge in this sector of Media . BTTB is even not also out of that.

Because During last some years BTTB system was completely broken down because of Some corrupt officials who were connected to Higher officials of the GOVT.

Basically what I am feeling Too many people are giving their opinion and I am afraid It will take very bad affect in our telecommunication sector. I need to point Out some thing . First of all what is the Roll of BTTB and Other 4 operators in Bangladesh? what is the current Infrastructure BTTB owns now? I myself had some Tele conference with some higher officials of BTTB. But I found they have the lack of Technical manpower and adequate Infrastructure and sorry to say that they have also very much lack of knowledge

about this sector. But From the center of this industry I can say this industry has multiple prospect in the country. Major problem is that BTTB is the only Govt based

operator who have telecommunication infrastructures But which is not enough.

They are scared to complete with Better and Modern system.As an Only Govt operator

They are the member of the consortium. so SE A-WE-ME 4 cable which has landed to Bangladesh they have got the sole right of Bangladesh side. and Here lies the problem. In last some years growth rate of our Mobile operators are 65% But BTTB gowth is completely in negative. huge system loss is going on because ofthe lots of corruption. BTTB is the tier1 operator but they can't take them to the next level at all compare to the other operators. while Sing Tel, Vsnl,

Star Hub, PCCW are growing up like any thing but in last some years BTTB even can't identify the policy and Right Infrastructure. here world is going with 3G BTTB even can't implement SMS In Teletalk. Govt was not even serious about this sector at all. BTTB could not develop even any

alternative sector for their source of income and I am 100% sure They are going on Loss after 1971-1990 They have

done the Monopoly . Over the Top they got

lots of foreign Fund Plus subsidy. but They could Not make It profitable Company.

SINGTEL and STARHUB are the Pride of Singapore. But Our Tier1 BTTB?

Now Most important is about the legality of VOIP .Here First question is coming up about that BTTB is Deprived of revenue because of Gray operators and Mobile operators are supporting them etc etch Blah blah. and

some Media people are very much convinced and making stories without proper

knowledge. First of all what is the Definition of Revenue &Income Tex? BTTB is scared that If VOIP is opened they will loose the revenue. BTTB is not the National Revenue Board or Income Tex Department. To me Govt should get the revenue not BTTB. GOVT may get it by Tax and

Vat. But why should we destroy a promising sector because of a particular Govt Office.

They are simply Govt operator. Just Imagine where we are seating right of the moment and where is our national Growth of a particular sector. It was good that BTRC has been developed but Is right person seating on the chair of BTRC? BTTB even can't develop their International whole sale department over the year. They even don't have proper customer care Department. It is our best of luck that Those Foriegin companies Telenor, Telecom Malaysia, Sing Tel and Orascom Put their money in the country and this sector is getting real revolution now and all those companies did have different services in several sectors of telecommunication in other countries.

But because of some out dated policy this promising sectors can't be developed. We have market but we can't explore for the white Elephant like BTTB. Now I think GOVT should take immediate decision about opening of VOIP and should open it in reasonable price. I mentioned that VOIP is a Technology. It is not only used in Telephonic call. It is also used in several Telecom works. BPO, IPPBX etc can be very good

industry. by using the best wonder of 21st century. and Those common platform and all are simply wastage of time. Every Isp and Mobile operators should apply for this license even from other sectors and BTTB has to compete with this private sector. It is funny that they are scared to compete with the private sector. Govt can earn much better revenue from this industry by opening it. and again I am Just pointing this to Govt that they should speak with the consultant of home and abroad of this sector and they should speak with the Marketing and Financial and financial

analyst as well.I found in the Review Committee One professor is becoming the head and all BTTB people are there. But there is no telecom specialist. These people

don't have any real time exposer , Business Development sense .and every time we are having problem in this area. But as This

Industry is promising I will expect Govt will take right step. We Have to remember one thing IT industry is supporting industry. Telecommunication is a Fast growing Sector. Voip Is not only limited in Call Termination& origination. Lots of Old technology is replaced by VOIP and Bangladesh is the people of 200 Million.

To any Tier1,2 ,3 and Retail operator Bangladesh is simply hot Cake. So It is very important Right now to focus in this sector in priority basis.


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