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Bangladesh Civil& Political Social Network Limited

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Amit Bikram is very confused after his death. He was the student of Mathematics. He had
Dream to fly on sky. One fine day he  came to know about a computer training center.
Gradually came to touch of several tools like VB Dot net, C#. He got new dimension of life.
He entered into a new world. He had Masters in Mathematics which helped him to develop
logic.He could able to establish him an A1 Software developer. He started to touch Silver line and
had suddenly discovered himself on Silicon Valley. The life was simply great for him. But he came up with very short span of life. One day he had found his own body was on the highway
of Michigan in his own Honda. He was an orphan. So He had no idea about religion. His spirit was

roaming here and there. He was more interested about his own country Bangladesh. After death

there is no orphan or elite status. Everyone is equal in here. One fine day he met Apple
owner Steve Jobs to buy apple from the Ghost market. He was astonished to see him and had

come quickly to him...  Steve was little scared while he came to know that Amit is from Bangladesh and he had unnatural death in young age. Mr Jobs questioned “why do you come here?  You are new Young

leader of Bangladesh. You people have achieved so many things by talk.”  Amit was surprised.

Mr. Jobs might make mistake “When the hell is he become young leader?” He had no relationship so far with Politics of Bangladesh. He was a bloody orphan. He even does not know
the name of his parents.  He was living almost hand to mouth in his boyhood. Due to the

mercy of some good people and his own effort he has come so far.

“Sir You might make some mistakes. I had no relationship with politics.” Amit replied.

Steve Jobs raised his eyebrow,” Are you not from Bangladesh?”

Amit replied positively.
Mr.  Jobs told him,
“ You don’t need to involve in politics to go to power or to be young
Leader in Bangladesh.”

Amit was little irritated and told,” Sir, I might be from a third world country. But
our people  sacrificed  life. We had great political history. Our Leaders were not
born with golden spoon. We have a glorious past from 1952-1971. Even your
Country USA was against our freedom. Still we have achieved our victory.”

Jobs was little polite, “No My boy I did not   speak you about political leader ship.”
Amit was surprised,"what kind of leadership are you asking sir?"

I am referring about a company leadership Mr. Jobs explained. In other word
It can be told Social Entrepreneurship. There are Many Chief
Executive officers, Chief operating officers who can win the world by talks only for this company.

Amit was sorry for Steve Jobs. He thought, “Mr. Jobs might develop some psychological
But Still he was hearing what Stave Jobs wanted to say.

Steve Jobs: Do you know there is a new company Incorporated in Bangladesh called
“Bangladesh Civil& Political Social Network Limited”?

Amit: No

Steve Jobs: I don’t understand one thing why did you come to USA for Software Jobs?
Here you need to do Analysis, Coding, debugging and testing but if you had joined BCPSNL,
You did not need to do any donkey work. You just need to talk, talk and talk.

Amit: Sir I never heard this company name. who are the owners of this company?

Steve Jobs: This is a big Social Industrial group of Bangladesh. They feel Politicians
are all ill manners, Uncultured, Uneducated? But problem is that 85% people
Is Illiterate in this country. But 85% is living under poverty line. So As east India company,
They can run this Bangladesh with lots of Socio tools like Grameen Bank, BRAC and all.

Amit: Sir I think You are making some mistakes. These  Grameen Bank, BRAC etc
 are very reputed organizations across the globe. They are not any kind of software or tools.

Steve Jobs: No Amit These are very modern  Software which our USA Government  has developed . our Government recruited  our very trusted persons as CEO . But These
People had one problem. They want more and more and they had feudal mentality.

 The organization belongs to us but they need more. Besides there are too many stakes
Holders now and these stake holders are playing major roles.

Amit: who are these stake holders?

Steve Jobs: They are editors of Leading daily who are serving business interest of their own owners.
The owners of the TV Channels, Retired bureaucrats , Retired Army officer . You guys told
a name in Bengali sorry I forgot the name.

Amit : Sushil Shomaj?

Steve Jobs : Yes this one. You have smart memory.

Amit: But Sir I don’t understand one thing ,” How could I join this company and what
Could be my designation? And I  know only development work. Yes I was planning
To do MBA for  future management prospect. But before that unfortunately my moral
Coil  is  switched off.

Steve Jobs : Oh No. Can't you talk?  then you could not qualify irrespective about your  academic
& Professional  efficiency. Your designation  could be  “ Young Leader”. One more thing I need to  point out there are so many private universities of  BCPSNL like Mushroom  , MBA degree

You could  easily achieve. You are Just another fool like me  Amit who was working and thinking
So heard to be leader. But Still now today I can’t achieve my leadership.
Steve Jobs left without any word and Amit was spell bound.

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