Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Future Road Map of Brazil Team

Departure of Ricardo Teixeira  is creating lots of hue and cry  across the globe. According to
Brazilian and world media   Teixeira  is the reason behind  every bad things  of the Brazil.

But very often people  forget  the contribution  of a person towards the game. But I don’t like

 To discuss right now about Teixeira and his corruption. But  rather I was worried about future

Of Mano  Menezes  because  he  had been closely  associated with  Teixeira.  Thanks God

New President of CBF Jose Maria Marin   has  expressed his  confidence on Manezes  although London

Olympic  is  the biggest test for  this soft spoken  humble  tactician. Mano Menezes  is neither pragmatic
 As   his predecessor  Carlos  Dunga   nor  romantic  as   Vanderlei  Luxemburgo.  Although 94 world cup

 Hero  Romario has already started to advocate for Joel Santanta , according to me current Brazilian squad is extremely  talented and they have  every possibility to be  one of the best of the history. It is become thank less job  for  any  national  team manager to manage  the team because of heavy schedule   of  club football.  These  national team managers never get any scope  to even get 11 players
Full  1 month  for training  together.  A bunch of  footballers are coming  from different  club  of different

Formation. They even don’t get enough time to  adopt the formation of National  coach. But for any bad result manager is become the  scapegoat . I have one optimistic  observation  on current  Brazilian  Players  of Europe.  Except Kaka, Pato, Robinho and Thiago Silva there are not  very big names who are penetrating  opposition.  Hulk , Hernanes,  Ramires  are earning respect  but they are  actually  2nd
Tier  compare to quality of home based Brazilians. Kaka was the last super star  after  3 R who
Dominated  Europe. Although he is recovered under Mourinho  very well, It is  day dream  to get
back old Kaka. Robinho also could not match his exceptional  potential.   While I am looking at the

user comments  of goal.com, It is clearly witnessed about old hangover.  Even  50% people don’t know
there are so many fantastic players  are playing back home. Neymar and Ganso both are fantastic talent,
But my favorite is  Lucas Moura who is delightful  to watch for  sao Paulo.  Dede of Vasco da Gama, Oscar, Leandro Damio of  International  , Philippe coutinho  Espanyol are exceptional  talent. Though

Pato, Coutinho are in Europe,  Others are not exposed  in front of the world  due to
Brazilian  Seri A.

But  one thing   I have to  say. Due to Media spot  light Club football is having edge now. But

There is nothing bigger than World Cup Still now..