Thursday, June 10, 2010

Uruguay The Aniciant Land Lord of The World Football

It was 1924 Olympic. A Team from South America went to compete in the Olympic Games. In contrast to the physical style of the European teams of the era, They played a style based around short passes and won every game, defeating Switzerland 3-0 in the gold medal match. In the 1928 Summer Olympics same team went to Amsterdam to defend their title, again winning the gold medal after defeating Argentina 2-1 in the final. The name of this team is Uruguay , The first giant of Latin America. Gradually The most popular tournament of the world was born in this country on 1930. Again One of the smallest populated countries in the world kept their place permanently in the Hall of fame . They were the first world champion, Undisputed Land lord of The world football. After that on 1950 They got again the crown of world football. None can take away from them the right of their great football history . But After that
They found themselves in big downfall. Growth rate of two Prolific neighbors Brazil and Argentina is increasing leaps and bound. Other Nations like Paraguay, Colombia and Chili also felt their presence in world football.But It seems Oldest landlord Uruguay went to the deep sleep and some times woke up occasionally as tourist in the world cup. After 1970 success is become out of sight to them. But while they have qualified in the world cup people start to dream again. There were also reasons because of some great names like Enzo Francescoli, Ruben Sosa, Álvaro Recoba.
But These all are spark of the moments. People are desperately looking some thing from them because of their past.
Again another biggest sporting extravaganza of 2010 is just few hours away from us. Uruguay will face France in few hours with some generation next super footballers like Diego Forlan , Luis Suarez , Nicolas Lodeiro. Veteran Oscar Washington Tabarez has prepared the team who is known as Professor of World Football.Best part is that Uruguay went back to their root of 1924 from where they started. They have understood now , the attacking genre which they have
introduced to world football should be the mantra of their football.
I am optimistic about La celeste this time.

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