Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mr Shahrukh Khan You have simply made Mockery of Cricketing Spirit

Dear Shahrukh,

First of all this team KKR belongs to you and you do have always this medieval landlord attitude
( Reference : your reply to Mr Gavaskar " This team is mine"), I am afraid how sportingly you will take my comment.

So please pardon me Sir , If I bring you wrong side of the cricket.

1) what is this Multiple captain theory? Is it not the mockery of both John and you to the cricket?
2) You have mentioned from the cricketing point of view , You guys have changed the captaincy of KKR but
what is this cricketing point? Can you enlighten us
3) what is the cricketing point of view to include Moises Henriques in First two matches? Or is it John's commitment to his country? So I understand to spent usd 600k for Mashrafe is your another stunt?
4) On which cricketing point of view You have dropped Ajantha Mendis who is a Mystery spinner Even Fab 4 of Indian cricket (Ganguly, Laxman, Dravid and Tendulkar) who are known as best players of the spin bowling
Had difficulty to read Mendis. At least Shane Warne’s opinion about Mr John Marshall Buchanan is very much Justified that Australia had outstanding players so Buchanan was
Maximum a Coordinator.

5) can you please Justify the Vice Captaincy of Brad Hodge ? why did n’t John keep pressure on
Australian team to take him on team ? what a Joke! he is become vice captain. He should not come to the best 11 even

Sorry Mr Khan This is not Cricket. It is Just a big time mockery to this great sports on the leader ship of Lalit Modi.

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