Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beauty of Fast Bowling

Beauty of Fast Bowling

It is the fourth day of India-Australia test match in Waca ground of Perth. Ricky Ponting is in the wicket. To me Ricky is the most dangerous player of current days. He does have
Every cricketing shot in his collection . Most Important is that he is the batsman of class and Class is always permanent not temporary as form. Opposite end there was a 19 year kid

Ishant Sharma who has only 4 tests of experience".

Most of the people have already come to know the result of this test. Indian Media is dancing . Even non cricketing bollywood people also poking their nose on the emotion

Of patriotism. But this particular 55 minutes of cricket gave me the immense pleasure.

This 55 minutes gave me the real taste of art of fast bowling.

This one deadly spell of Ishanth Sharma to Ponting should be the biggest advertisement of pace bowling. It was the art of in sewing and Pace. Even one of the strongest player

of history against pace bowling Ricky ponting was just help less against Sharma. I don’t

know whether we can see same spell or not in future from young sharma but one thing

it is established truth that pace bowling in the green top Surface is art but it is also fact

that Pace bowling is really become tougher and tougher day by day. It is fact that

there is nothing for the pacers in the wickets of the sub continent
. But Now a days ICC is

more concerned about sponsors and business . so some sorts of reforms are made in the

Cricket. Bowlers are most effected among them. People like to see the run flowing. So now a days It is become trend to prepare the wicket for Bats Man. However comments of Gideon Haigh reminds me

“But if high scores were a reliable indicator of the quality of a sport, football would have outlawed goalkeepers, and golf would have drawn every green to within a drive of the tee so that everyone could shoot 60. There has to be a struggle to take the advantage; there has to be resistance to the efforts to wrest it back. Sport is not just about spectacle; it involves challenge, frustration, slings, arrows, outrageous fortune.”

I have been watching cricket since my 3rd standard of 1982 when we only depended on the radio. Looking back that time to be very honest
I was enjoying the low scoring match than high scoring one.

Actually ability to play in green top surface is the biggest recognition of the greatness

of a Bats man.

some high quality bowling of Two W or Excellent sewing bowling of Flintoff and Simon Jones were the real advertisement of great pace bowling . who will forget some

magic spell of Curtley Ambrose and Allan Donald.

Actually too much one day cricket has already killed the original taste of cricket .
Now over the top it is 20-20. I am afraid one day we have possibility to see a
Team with batsman and change Bowlers only.

I don’t know when ICC will take step to save the beauty of Fast bowling.

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